Theme Based Resort

Our property is in the middle of a dense jungle, This got us thinking that It’ll be so cool to give Holistic Stay a Jurrassic era theme. Yes , You read it right, We have placed Art Models of Dinosaurs across the property to add on the sense of Primal Times.

Obstacle Courses

The Property has Obstacle courses such as Commando Net Frame, Burma Bridge and Zip Line within its area for our guests to explore the property in a different way. Be it Kids or Adults everyone deserves some fun this way too..

Private Access Waterfall

The property has a private access to waterfall running through it. Its a natural border between two states Kerala and Karnataka. Enjoy connecting with nature like never before. Take a dip in untouched fresh water coming from the Rainforests of Karnataka and feel the bliss.

Yoga and Meditation

The location of the property is in a Dense forest. One thing that we all are sure of is that the atmosphere has a lot of Oxygen and Fresh Air. and this when clubbed with our personalised Yoga and meditation sessions it will rejuvenate your body and soul. Trust us , After last couple of years of Pendaminc , your body needs it.

Honey Farming / Apiculture

The most sought after product of the Jungle is Honey collected from the flowers deep inside it. We have set up a bee farm right on the edge from were our bees get fresh flower extracts and store it in our hives from where we get our superfood “Honey”.

Cultural Activities


Poorakkali /






Other Activities


We have our own house boats to enjoy long cruise on the house boat and also organize functions.

Coir Making

The art of coir making has been practiced in Kerala since time immemorial.. You will get to watch how the women of Kerala villages engage themselves in the production of coir for a livelihood. Coconut fiber is used for making products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes and mattresses.

Hand Loom Visit

Come learn the traditional method of weaving clothes. Kerala, renowned for its handloom industries, is home to some of the special attires that are exclusively made in the State such as Set Saree and Mundu. These products of Kerala are famous and have immense demand in the global market. The very sight of its making itself teaches you its prominence and elegance.

Village Tour

Beyond the scenic backwater, captivating hills, and rich wildlife are off the beaten tourist villages of Kerala that are just the perfect place to those who wishes to see something unconventional. Simply serene, and peaceful, in the villages one can see the most pristine form of nature, barely untouched by industrialization, and illustrating the traditional style of living.


You can watch and take part in the traditional ways of fishing and explore the livelihood of the fishermen as well. Get a chance to experience and explore the fishing methods practiced

Beach Driving

Muzhappilangad Beach is famous for being Kerala's only drive-in beach. At about 45 km from Holisticstay Ayurveda and wellness resorts, Pariyaram.


We can also provide camping facility in our Valiyaparamba property replete with lush hills and forests.

Local Food Tasting

Savor the various flavors of Kerala cuisine through our food tasting trips.


There is Ranipuram, Paithalmal, Palakkayamthattu beautiful locations for trekking.Through the dense forest where the smoky mist forms a blanket of captivating hill and calmness is what you could enjoy.


The Valiyaparamba Backwaters is a 30 km long water body formed by five rivers. The backwater is separated from the sea only by a thin strip of land averaging a mere 100m width and 28 km long.Other than the main water body there are plenty of narrow channels in each river. Paddling through these channels you can see peasants working in their paddy fields, plenty of bird life, Mangroves and hanging bridges.



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